Remote Monitoring Is Not Enough

genusConnect was designed on the belief that care is more than medical, and that only by engaging the four core needs of care, mental, physical, emotional, financial, can you have a positive impact on a patient (and caregiver’s) quality of life, health, and well being.  That belief is being backed up by a recently published study in Nature titled “Impact of remote patient monitoring on clinical outcomes: an updated meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials” that lays out an important finding: remote patient monitoring alone does not have a statistically significant impact on health outcomes.  The study, which examined 27 high quality randomized studies on patient monitoring outcomes over the past decade, concludes that a successful approach “might combine the most successful elements of the effective interventions in this review, including personalized coaching and feedback, in a more cost-effective manner.” 

We could not agree more.  With genusConnect, each point of contact, each emotional and physical observation, becomes an opportunity to collect meaningful behavioral and health data which can be used to spot trends before they start, and make meaningful interventions. Furthermore, by engaging the entire care network, as research suggests, genusConnect can have a positive impact on both unnecessary readmissions and extend a patient’s ability to stay healthy in their own home.

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