Study: Engaged caregivers lower readmissions by 25%

Recent research from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has shown that engaged family caregivers lower patient readmission rates by up to 25%.  This is big news for hospitals, who are under pressure to lower readmission rates through recently enacted readmission penalties from the Center For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  With the average cost of a readmission for seniors nearing $14,000 for hospitals, reducing these costs will be critical as healthcare economics change.  Further driving this trend is the CARE Act, enacted in 2017 requiring hospitals to identify and educated caregivers for patients in need.

genusConnect is an important tool in addressing this challenge, allowing hospitals to efficiently engage and educate caregivers, helping them navigate the long journey of caregiving, driving better patient outcomes, making caregiving easier, and increasing quality of life.

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