Congress passes and Trump signs national caregiver support act

Last week, Congress passed and President Trump signed the Recognize, Assist, Include, Support, and Engage (RAISE) Family Caregivers Support Act.  The bipartisan act, which was supported by the AARP, elevates caregiving to a national priority and will create an advisory committee dedicated to creating a national strategy for supporting caregivers and organizing resources.  This is important on two fronts.  First, it underscores the importance of coordinating care resources and working across industries and health sectors to solve a snowballing threat to our nation and economy. Second, it bolsters the state-level CARE Act, passed into law in 36 states so far, requiring hospitals to identify and educate caregivers for patients in need.

The challenge facing the success of both the RAISE and CARE Acts is that there is no system in place for easily managing caregiver resources or coordinating health records, communications, and care plans in one place as patients move across the system.  That is what genusConnect is committed to solving, and from our collaborations with hospitals, home care companies, community groups, and foundations, it looks like we are on the right path!


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